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Welcome to Dr Punkesh's Advance Skin Hair & Laser Clinic. We cater to all needs concerning Skincare, Hair care and Laser services. Our customized services provide every opportunity to restore, rejuvenate and improve your beauty. We look forward to elevate your confidence of looking great and feeling young irrespective of your age.

With more than 8 years of dermatological practice and daily interactions with patients have made Dr. Punkesh Kumar the authority on having radiant, youthful looking and beautiful skin. Dr. Punkesh’s work ethics, integrity, approach, dedication and results make him one of the most renowned dermatologists in India. He works closely with you to understand and address your dermatological needs and give you the right answers the first time.

The strength and success of Dr. Punkesh distinguished practice is in his belief that, advanced anti ageing treatment would be available to everyone, regardless of skin type, ethnicity or the ability to visit highly experienced and expensive clinics.

Dr. Punkesh’s Advance Skin hair and laser clinic range includes advanced treatments to enhance the effect of the treatment which is optimized to help address specific skin concerns such as dark under eye circles, deep wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, signs of ageing, loss of firmness, dullness, sun damage, skin disorders, hair problems and more.

We live in our skin, so it should feel healthy and protected. We craft treatment plans to restore your skin to its natural beauty while preventing future damage. Visit us to know more.

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