About Us

Advance Skin, Hair & LASER Clinic

You’re Never Too old to Become Younger.

At Advance Skin, Hair & LASER Clinic, we continuously research the world of Skin & Hair treatment techniques and technologies to bring to you the latest and most trusted Skin Solutions. These Solutions are all Non-Surgical cosmetic procedures including Aesthetic Laser therapies to give you your 'Ultra Youth'.

Why choose Us?

  • We are the ISO 9001:2000 certified Clinic.
  • Well Experienced Dermatologist
  • Over 06 years of experience
  • We have expert's and Guaranteed Work
  • We are improving everyday
  • Comprehensive and compassionate Skin-Hair Care services.
Dr. Punkesh's Advance Skin Hair & LASER Clinic in Patna

The Dr Punkesh's Clinic is a leader in healthcare quality. Our team provides comprehensive and compassionate Skin-Hair Care services. We honor individuality, empower people through open and honest communication and strive to earn the loyalty of every person we serve.