How to prevent with #coronavirus

follow these steps:

Don’t go anywhere unless its absolutely necessary.

On a worst scenario calculation; novel corona can kill 22 lakh patients in US ; and 5 lakhs in UK. Think about India with 130 crore population often living / working at tightly cramped places and public transport . If you are NOT taking this outbreak seriously , you are doing a gross disfavour to the country . Till now the only effective disease control process in isolation and good hygiene habits. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO ANYWHERE UNLESS ITS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Spend time with family , read books , discover new recipe , watch Netflix , write poetry , play video games .. do whatever you always wished .. ‘just in case you have time ‘, Please isolate . Learn to stay connected over WhatsApp video calls or Skype … But DO NOT VENTURE OUT .. We are there where Italy was 2-3 weeks back .. Only that in our country the effect will be devastating ..we are poor country with very limited health resources .. We can prevent it together .. be a good citizen .. listen to us .. don’t even visit clinic or hospital if it is chronic disease and it is not absolutely necessary .. We promise we will be there by you . With WhatsApp , Phone call or whatever way you want to reach .. Enjoy the other side of life .. Let’s defeat this together ; jai hind .

( I don’t usually urge , but share this if possible )

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