premature greying in kids?? white hair in kids??cause and treatment…

The increase instances of premature greying in kids is not a disease or illness….it’s mainly due to external causes Pollution Hard water Lack of outdoor activities Competitive stress And many more causes lead to accumulation of toxins in the body …

The onslaught of external factors can be tackled by Improving the internal Cellular environment and response … neutralize the toxins and promote growth of hair and all other body functions Good well balanced comprehensive nutrition is essential.

Nutritional deficiencies in children is growing exponentially due to wrong selection of foods , fussy eating, easy availability of artificially flavoured foods , pleasure eating and poor nutritional value of available food due to soil quality depletion….. There is hidden hunger in children leaving an ever escalating nutritional deficit in children impacting not just HAIR AND SKIN but also compromising growth for which good nutrition is essential and is extremely important at this age.

Hormonal concerns , lowered immunity and allergies are showing up in so many children … And a lot of this can be due to the presence of endocrine disrupting chemicals that enter through plastics , packaged foods , insecticide residue, fertilizer, preservatives and additives . The change in hormonal response leads to early puberty, lowered immunity and susceptibility to Inflammation….

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